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What is A Chakra Bracelet?

A chakra bracelet is a functional jewelry made of healing stones with vibrational frequency. It came from the Indian culture, wherein in Sanskrit chakra means wheel of energy. It is primarily comprised of seven stones that represent the energies that together are in unison for better holistic health. The stones absorb the negative energy thereby promoting tranquility, calmness and meditation within the body. Chakra bracelets are not only health beneficial as it transforms the well-being but fashionable as well as the wearer can choose the colour for the rest of the bracelet stones from the range of products available.

We have a great selection of chakra bracelets that you can choose from based on your personal preference and additional function. The list includes but is not limited to the following Healing 7 Chakra Bracelet Buddha Lava, Healing 7 Chakra Bracelet Hand, Healing 7 Chakra Bracelet Buddha White Stone, and 7 Chakra Bracelet Oil Diffuser.

Common Features of Chakra Bracelet

The efficacy of chakra bracelet is dependent on the colour of the stones and on the belief of the user that it will work. Therefore, it is important that the chakra bracelet is made from authentic lava stones and gemstones. The 7 chakras are represented by each of the colours: violet/white – crown chakra (follow your bliss); indigo – third eye chakra (open your mind); light blue – throat chakra (speak your truth); green/pink – heart chakra (love and be loved); yellow – solar plexus chakra (be confident), orange – sacral chakra (be sensual); and red – root chakra (be grounded).

It is important that the wearer understands the significance of the chakra for it to be effective.

We have different chakra bracelets made available for you: Healing 7 Chakra Bracelet (Buddha Lava, Hand and Buddha White Stone) and 7 Chakra Bracelet Oil Diffuser. The chakra bracelets are made from lava stones and because of the porosity they can be infused with your favourite essential oil that can last for 1 whole day.

Overall, a chakra bracelet gives you the convenience of healing powers and balance by just donning a wearable and healing art.


Why Use Chakra Bracelet?

Each day is different and the mood that follows comes in a roller coaster pattern. With unavoidable everyday stress and challenges, the mind and body become distracted. They get to be imbalanced and forget to function as one. This is where the chakra bracelet comes in. Practiced by Ancient Indians, chakra bracelets are proven to be effective energy inducers as it smoothens the energy flow of the body through the seven chakras. These powerful chakra stones made into a bracelet raises our vibrations and renews our energy.

The chakra bracelet is a culture and fashion mix, making an ancient practice a solution to a modern problem. It is easy to wear and versatile in any weather or outfit that is ideal for all ages and gender! More and more people are purchasing chakra bracelets as it is a tiny accessory yet has a gigantic and holistic effect on the mind and body.

Authentic lava stones and gemstones are used in our chakra bracelets, thus, making your investment worth it. It is made from high quality materials strong enough to withstand any weather and day to day activities! You get the healing power that would last a long time!

Our Chakra Bracelet is ideal for an all-around approach that heals you within while making you fashionably great!

Using Your Chakra Bracelet

Like any ordinary bracelet, this adjustable chakra bracelet can be worn on the wrist on whichever hand comfortable. It is important to believe in the power of the chakra bracelet as it is a practice for the mind that affects the body.

It is advisable, however, to remove your chakra bracelet when taking a bath as water like in any jewelry may damage the aesthetics of the bracelet. Cleaning includes simply wiping the beads of the bracelet with a damp cloth.

Since the stones are great absorbent for essential oil, simply dab with a cotton or swab with your favourite essential oil on the beads. The scent could last for a day! Redo application of the oil the next day for better, holistic feeling!

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of chakra bracelets differs according to the beads and style, and additional function it can bring. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the great healing power and balance while being trendy! An investment on the chakra bracelet means investing also on your holistic growth from mind to body. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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